Word Riff on Naked

We’re born naked . . .

We shower naked . . .

We get naked for doctors and masseurs

Our bathroom mirror doesn’t care if we’re naked

With a lover, we want to be naked

Everyone’s naked on the inside

We’re naked when nobody wants us

nude in giraffe maskBeing the butt of the joke is naked

Not knowing what is say is naked

Saying the wrong thing is naked

Striking out is naked

Soul-searching is naked

Truth is, most of us are naked most of the time

To get anywhere, you have to let it all hang out

Artists are naked on the canvas

Writers are naked on the page

Musicians make love to every note

Actors have no clothes, only costumes

Being dressed doesn’t mean you’re covered

People see through us all the time

Why is truth naked and lies colorful?

Clothes don’t make the man or the woman

tattooAttitude wears better

A friend won’t make you feel naked

An enemy hopes to catch you naked

Naked at work; naked in the grocery store; naked running down the street–what’s your naked dream?

Bald is head-naked

Mooning is butt-naked

Mardi Gras is dance-in-the-street naked

Skinny dip, anyone?

Bottom line: Prudes come and prudes go–naked stays

So here’s the real question:

If beauty is skin-deep, what’s naked?