Crop, Chop, Can’t be too Careful!!


Here’s the cropped version of the same photograph. Both include a lot of environment, more than I usually like to include, but, in this case, I’m trying to show the figure as small in a larger world. The cropped photograph gives a bit more focus to the figure. In the uncropped photograph, the overhanging branch gives a rounded feel as if the environment is embracing the figure, but he’s almost lost in it. So much environment, that I’m not sure the eye knows where to go.

I’m torn. I’m not sure which is the better photograph. Cropped? Uncropped?

I’m taking opinions and votes. Leave a comment.

The point is, cropping a photograph is never an easy decision and I’ve seen crops that ruined the composition. I’ve cropped badly and had to go back and rethink. Good photography is NOT point and shoot. There are decisions during the shoot and decisions after the shoot. None easy.

Red Flower

photo red flowerThis one is all about simplicity. Flowers, model, black background, done. Note that it is almost, but not quite, centered in the frame which adds to the sense of simplicity.

It helps if the model strikes a pose that also suggest a casual, uncomplicated attitude. Red flowers against pale skin, nice full lighting. What else is there to say, except that sometimes the seemingly simple shots are the hardest. They are usually the ones that you catch between more complicated set-ups.

This is digital capture and digital print. Prints in series of 25. It prints large or small but seems to work as a more intimate piece because, while seemingly modest, it is suggestive. I would frame it with a white mat/ black frame. Bathroom or bedroom is where I’d hang it.