Red Flower

photo red flowerThis one is all about simplicity. Flowers, model, black background, done. Note that it is almost, but not quite, centered in the frame which adds to the sense of simplicity.

It helps if the model strikes a pose that also suggest a casual, uncomplicated attitude. Red flowers against pale skin, nice full lighting. What else is there to say, except that sometimes the seemingly simple shots are the hardest. They are usually the ones that you catch between more complicated set-ups.

This is digital capture and digital print. Prints in series of 25. It prints large or small but seems to work as a more intimate piece because, while seemingly modest, it is suggestive. I would frame it with a white mat/ black frame. Bathroom or bedroom is where I’d hang it.

Slice of Red

Extreme lighting can be good or very, very bad, but when it’s good, you get something like this.

This was done in the studio with one very bright light colored with a red gel. That means you only capture the parts of the body that find the light, but the resulting shapes can be extraordinary. I like how this shape tapers almost to a point top and bottom with just enough curve.

Red adds drama to the composition. The little edge of back on the far side also adds interest, as do the strands of hair.

This one is best about 7×10″ approximately with wide white mat and black frame. It can be bigger and also works as a small, intimate piece. It glows when placed near a lamp or light. I’d suggest bedroom, near the reading light. In series of 25 numbered prints.