Fine Art Nude #1

This is the icon image at Homo Sapiens Unadorned.

Title: Maskatude

What makes it a worthwhile image? The unexpected, comic attitude.

I especially like the way the photo makes the viewer look twice–those vacant eyes between backwards ears. The hand is also nice, including the shadow of the upper hand. I also like the movement. That butt wants to swing, a nice contrast to the straight, expressionless mask.

The photo was shot in a studio with two lights. Camera is Nikon D90–digital. It was handheld. Except for suggesting she put the mask on backwards, there was very little direction. Model was dancing to music. My job was to catch the right moment.

The print required very little work in Photoshop and has been shown as large as 18 inches by 29 inches (matted size 28 inches by 40 inches) There are 2o remaining in an edition of 25.

It has shown at Camera Obscura in Denver.

Decorating tip: a room where music is played.