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Jerrie Hurd is the author of three novels and numerous other articles, essays, short stories–no poems. When the writing began to feel like work, she took up fine art nude photography because THAT sounded fun.

Turns out capturing the human form is technically challenging. Curves, skin tone, muscle, and movement all come with their own difficulties in terms of lighting, exposure, composition, and creating a good print.

Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf

As if that isn’t enough, the photographer who chooses to do nude work also has to navigate society’s hang-ups. Yes, the naked human body is sensual. How a photographer chooses to handle that sensuality says a lot about her work. Beauty is another problem. The figurative photographer cannot ignore the body image that current fashion has determined “desirable” never mind that Venus of Willendorf, a sculpture estimated to be 24,000 years old, suggest an entirely different standard for beauty. The challenge is finding art in all body types. The surprise is every body can be photographed from a bad angle. This stuff isn’t simple.

Put another way, the landscape photographer has to worry about light, angle, color, and so forth; the figurative photographer worries about those same things just as a starter.

Jerrie’s fun away from the writing desk has shown at numerous galleries including the famous but now closed Camera Obscura in Denver. Also Nude Nite in both Tampa and Orlando, Florida,  Dairy Center for the Arts, Greg Moon Gallery in Taos, NM, Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts, Louisville Art Association Photo Show and Open Studios in both Boulder, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Maybe, she never intended her work to be a hobby.

What else do you need to know?

Jerrie Hurd is a graduate of University of Colorado Boulder (BA) and University of Oregon Eugene (MFA). She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Jon, and two Great Dane dogs. She has two sons and five grandkids. She also takes photos of the kids and dogs. A recent project was the Victorian houses in her neighborhood, so it isn’t all about the human form. And she still writes books. Check out her writing website: www.jerriehurd.com Or put her name into Amazon and you’ll discover that you can buy one of her paperback novels used and surprisingly cheap. Go for it.


One Paragraph Press Bio:

Jerrie Hurd has been photographing and showing fine art nudes for ten years. A novelist who turned to photography later in life, she now considers herself as much a photographer as a writer. She’s listed in Who’s Who in America as both. Most recently her work has shown repeatedly at the Nude Nite events in both Orlando and Tampa Florida, Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts, Laguna Beach Gallery and Greg Moon Gallery in Taos, NM. She has had a one-woman show at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO. Her website is called homo sapiens unadorned (www.homosapiensunadorned.com) She lives in Boulder, CO.