Selected for Show in Cape Cod

It’s always fun to be selected to be in a juried show. Means somebody liked my work and are willing to make it possible for others to see it.

This entire show is also on-line. Check it out!!!

I like the other photos. That’s also a plus. Like being invited to a party and discovering that you like the other guests!

Doesn’t get any better!!!

4 comments on “Selected for Show in Cape Cod

  1. Dear Jerrie, I found you here from reading your comment on a Facebook page about LDS hymns! I regret I did not find this wonderful website of yours earlier and news of your show in Provincetown, as I just left there this morning after going down for Provincetown Film Festival where my children’s film about a photographer was featured. It seems kind of karmic, except that I missed the connections at the right time – at least so far! But their film is Mapplethorpe, a biopic about the legendary photographer (also black and white) and his work that they finally shot this summer. It is a wonderful film, and the star – Matt Smith – is terrific. I will try to return to see this show. Congratulations, again and again.

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