Group Shoots

I frequently shoot with several other photographers. We share the cost of the models and studio or travel. I like shooting that way. Means I can work with the model for a few minutes and then let someone else take over while I think about my next set-up or what I want to shoot before the time is up. Less pressure.

I know others who hate working this way. They don’t like having other photographers around. They find it distracting or worry that they will get photos that look like everyone else’s photos. That last one has never been a problem for me. I can shoot shoulder to shoulder with someone and never get the same shot. A slight difference in angle, equipment and eye can make a huge difference in what is actually captured.

This photo of a group shoot in South Dakota is fun because part of the group is off working with hay bales while myself and the photographer in the foreground are setting up a different shot. I took the picture because it was one of those “you have to be there” moments. If I tried to describe that scene . . .

Better to just grab a photo of it.

2 comments on “Group Shoots

  1. When I see the model on the hay bales, I think “Ouch”! You are so right about group shots–we each see something a little different–the light, the key elements, the angle, and so on. Thanks for the reminder–it is true in drawing classes too.

  2. They were good models–climbing over hay bales and worse.
    Drawing classes is good example. The few I took, it was like no one was in the same room. The drawings were that different.

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