Making Rain–Wet Studio Adventure

Discovered that Denver has a wet studio. Just like a regular photo studio except that it can handle water. Water from the top like rain. Water from the bottom in a pool. Splash and flash and you get all kinds of fun photos. For someone, like me, who loves adding water to my photographs, it was like discovering candy or ice cream or ice cream sprinkled with candy. You get the idea. Here’s one of the resulting photos. If you want to have the same fun, Google The Old Studio in Denver and talk to Lewis Preston. Tell him I sent you.

In the first photo the model is lying in a puddle while it rains down on her. Warm water, BTW. Model claimed she was having fun.

Here’s a different image from the same shoot. In this case, no rain but milk was added to the pool to give it an opaque look–milky and wonderful.


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  1. These are lovely. And does sound like it would be a fun place for photography!

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