Too Many Legs

Working with mirrors is fun. Tricky! You have to figure out how to get the shot without also getting a reflection of you and your camera and/or the lights and the studio in the shot. In this case the model is holding the mirror at an angle that almost points down, but the photo flattens it. That and cropping off the ends of the mirror creates the surreal, not-sure-what-I’m-seeing sensation. Mose people have to puzzle a moment before realizing a mirror is part of the composition. Lots of fun. This is a photo that has been successful for me. It’s been at Camera Obscura, Dairy Center for the Arts and a couple of other shows. I think of it as a made-you-look-twice kind of picture that a lot of people enjoy.

Black and white film capture; digital print. Although I have also printed this one in the darkroom as a traditional print as well. The only thing I did in Photoshop was clean a few dust specs off the mirror. It can be printed large 10×20, but also works as a small print. It’s a personal favorite that hangs over my desk. I think it could be fun hanging over a fireplace. In series of 25 prints. About a third of the series is sold.

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