Snow Shapes

OK, it’s been snowing a lot in Colorado. Snow is a huge challenge–keeping it white but not blank. Then there are those pots with their rounded shapes, not unlike the problem of capturing the human form. Besides it’s fun to figure out how to make a good photograph out of simple things.

I like the colors against the snow as well as the shapes. I think the drips inside the pots add interest. This is a found photo. I did not arrange the pots–duh, the snow would have been messed up if I had–but that might be worth noting. I like the simplicity.

Digital capture; digital print. This one does have more than the usual photoshopping. I was working to get the snow right and although it doesn’t show here, there are drifts at the top with well defined snow ridges that show on the print and that I worked very hard to bring out in the photo.

“Snow Pots” ┬áprints big or small, but seems to be better big–16×24. New one, there are 25 prints left in the series of 25.

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